Welcome to Fuel the Female

Ethanol runs through my veins. Burnt rubber is stuck to the soles of my shoes. The sound of 700 horsepower invades my dreams. For 18 years now, racing has been my life. I knew from the second I stepped foot on a racetrack at nine-years-old, motorsports was my passion. Now, it’s time to spread that passion to other young women. Meet Fuel the Female. 

Growing up, I never realized it was “weird” to enjoy motorsports. I had Lyn St. James, Sarah Fisher and Danica Patrick to watch every weekend. Jamie Little and Nicole Briscoe were on the screen telling me their stories. It wasn’t until that one homework assignment, you know the one, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” that I realized, maybe it was abnormal. The pull of horsepower was much stronger than any other voice in my head. 

Now, working in motorsports, I see the young girl at the track with bright eyes, watching the cars as they’re pulled onto pit lane.  I see the girl standing at the fence waiting for just a peek at the drivers. I see the girl waiting for anyone that looks like her to pass by. But there are few. 

Fuel the Female aims to change that. We aim to grow those “few” into an army. Our goal is to raise money to help send young women to school to study motorsports. We also hope to become a mentorship program by pairing young women with women currently in the industry.

Our inaugural event at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway will introduce more than 50 Indianapolis Public Schools high school, female students to motorsports. Throughout the day they will meet women who have persevered and achieved their goals through motorsports. By the end of the day, we hope the students can envision themselves in some of those roles and grow their passion for motorsports, too. 

If you would like more information about Fuel the Female, please email info@fuelthefemale.org.

--Katie Hargitt, Founder, Fuel the Female