katie hargitt; executive director & indycar reporter

I have been involved in motorsports fro more than 20 years as a driver and reporter. Along each step of my career, I have had a strong female mentor. I knew when it came my turn to give back, I had to seize the opportunity. In May of 2018, that opportunity came knocking. Through the help of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and several volunteers, Fuel the Female hosted it’s first event at IMS, where 100 female, high school students from Indianapolis Public Schools had the opportunity to tour motorsports through the various careers. That day has evolved and become our marquee event. That day also changed my life. Now with the help of powerful, intelligent women alongside me on our Board of Directors, I am excited to empower more girls to achieve a career in STEM through motorsports.

lyn st. james; race car driver, mentor, speaker & author

I met Katie Hargitt when she attended my Driver Development Program many years ago and have not only stayed in touch with her but have followed her successful career in broadcasting with great pride. Wen she shared with me her plans and passion to carry it forward and create something to make a difference in the lives of young females by exposing them to the world of motorsports, I told her, “I’m pleased to serve on her board of directors and help her in any way I can.” She’s bringing the same commitment to Fuel the Female as she did her racing, education and broadcast career.

teresa sabatine; Indiana film commissioner & coach

I first joined the Fuel the Female initiative because of Katie’s passion and vision. As an advocate for equal access and opportunity for women, my support of Katie’s dreams was a no brainer. When I attended my first FTF event at the track it solidified my involvement. Katie has found a way to expose young girls to a world girls typically never get to see. She has mobilized a very talented group of women to give these girls their time and show them that they deserve to dream big for themselves. And by way of this mentorship, these women get to stand proud in their talents and strengths. These girls attend our events and immediately go back to school and get engaged in STEM. FTF shows you the power of investing in hands on STEM education for girls. This is the world I want all girls to live in, and I can’t wait to see how FTF continues to evolve. 

terri talbert-hatch; asst. dean RECRUITMENT, RETENTION AND STUDENT SERVICES, iupui school of engineering

I began working in the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology, IUPUI in April 2002.  Since then, I have worked strategically to recruit and retain female students, and developed intentional marketing directed at female students.. We have also started many other initiatives, such as: POWER (Preparing Outstanding Women for Engineering Roles,) a summer camp high school girls interested in STEM. Our percentage of female students in the School has grown from approximately 12% to 24% today. I will be retiring from this position at the end of May, 2019.  I know, from experience, that the lack of female role models is a major reason for more girls not selecting to study in STEM disciplines.  I wanted to continue to promote the great opportunities for females in STEM and encourage young ladies to pursue and persist in STEM majors.  Fuel the Female provides an opportunity to see female role models in action at the highest levels in the motorsports industry.  The ladies in the motorsports industry are very passionate about developing opportunities for more females and are excited to talk and meet with high school female students to encourage them to pursue STEM degrees.  With a message that females are an important part of the motorsports industry and all STEM related industries, Fuel the Female will make a difference in the lives of many young females by encouraging them to consider STEM degrees and being able to picture themselves as successful engineers, technologists, and scientists.  I’m fortunate to be able to combine two of my passions – racing and female success – with Fuel the Female. 

samantha hargitt; attorney, wooden mclaughlin